Who is Greenpeace: Project Hotseat?

This project is personal to me. I have been working with it for over a year. I met the local leader of the project at an event that was held near my favorite skateboard park.

I went up to the Greenpeace booth I asked the leader about what they were doing to save the polar bears.It was then that he told me all about their efforts to stop global warming. He invited me and my mom to a rally the next day where they were gathering to write our congressman. They were asking him to co-sponsor the Safe Climate Act. I was curious, so I asked my mom if we could go. She said "yes."

It was from there that we began a relationship with Greenpeace that has given me the opportunity to make great efforts to save the Polar Bear. From making phone calls, to writing letters to the editor, to participating to my favorite events: The Hour Glass - Aerial Art and our newest one, Vote for a Safe Climate - aerial art message.

It's also through working with Greenpeace that I have met some really neat people, like our local politicians, and even Senator Joe Biden. I am truly dedicated to the work that I do with Greenpeace. It is my way of doing something that can make a difference.

Take a look at their video to hear more.