What is Global Warming?

Global Warming is what happens when the earth's temperature starts to rise above it's comfort zone - which is 59 degrees farrenhiet. Just like when you get a fever, as your body's temperature starts to rise above the normal temperature, you start to feel sick. Maybe you begin to sweat and feel achy all over. Your energy is low and all you want to do is sleep. Maybe you even lose your appetite.

Well the earth is the same way. Just like a virus, global warming is caused by something we do that makes us sick. And if we don't so anything to stop the virus, then we can get other people sick.

The simplest explanantion of global warming is it's a sickness caused by the cars we drive and the way we heat our homes(the burning of fossil fuels) along with the trees we cut down (deforestation).

When the earth is sick, the the things that live on the earth can also become sick. First, it's the water and the animals and plants that live in the water. They start to die off and the animals and people who depend on them also start to get sick.

The water becomes too warm for the plant life too. The places, like the coral reefs of Australia are dying, so the plants and fish that depend on them as a place to live get sick too.

When the water's temperature rises, the polar icecaps start to melt. The sea level starts to rise and the animlas who live on the ice caps, like the Polar Bears and the Seals have no place to be safe.

Cutting down the trees is also acts like a virus that makes the earth sick. When you cut down trees, not only are you taking away the shade that we need for animals to cool off and plants that don't like too much sun, but you also realease carbon dioxide into the air.

Trees are like a filter for the earth. They take in the world's carbon dioxide(CO2) and release the good stuff - oxygen (O2). When you cut the tree down, the carbon dioxide is realeased into the air and then tree can no longer be a filter. Over a period of time, there is more carbon dioxide in the air and the earth's temperature gets hotter.

So what do we do? Well, alot of what can be done needs to be done by the grown-ups...since they make a lot of the decisions of the world. But we can help too.

Education about the earth and our environment is very important. And if we can become smarter about it, then we cna help educate our parents on it too!

We can also help do little things around the house, like turning off the lights and recycling. When we shop, we can pick things that are friendly to the earth, like recycled products, and stay away from things that hurt the earth, like things that have a lot of packageing (you know...several layers of plastic and cardboard.)

And we can also remind our parents why it's important to do what's right for the earth by setting an example. If they see us make an effort, they too will do the same!