The Story of Terracycle

Hey Guys,

Check this out. This is a company right outside of Trenton, New Jersey. And they have a really cool way to help you raise money for your school or favorite charity. Check out this video on how they turn your trash into really cool stuff.

"Every year over 30 billion kids drink containers are thrown out in North America. A large portion of these containers are juice pouches, which are non-recyclable and are not biodegradable. In an effort to eliminate the idea of waste TerraCycle and Honest Tea wanted to find a solution to reuse as many of these juice pouches as possible. The TerraCycle team was inspired by an effort that was underway in the Philippines by the Peoples Recovery Empowerment and Development Assistance Foundation (PREDA). Drink pouches in the Philippines, as in North America, are an environmental issue and litter the streets." - TerraCycle Inc. - fundraisers

There's also other things that you can collect, like yogurt cups, energy bar wrappers, cookie wrappers, bottle, etc.

For more information, you can click on the link below to find out how you can do this for your favorite school or organization.

I'm going to talk to my principal tomorrow to get the whole school involved. I'll be reporting how it's going here.

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