Special Alerts

Here is a special alert that was sent in by one of our members:

Red Tide is something that we worry about in Florida during the winter months. For many years Red Tide has killed milions of fish and other marine life, like sea turtles and crabs. It also makes our beaches smelly and prevents us from swimming. People's eyes sting and Red Tide makes it hard to breath. If we go to the beach, we spend most of the time coughing and stepping over dead fish.

We think it is because of the overuse of fast release fertilizers that we use on our plants and in our gardens. It is especially a problem during Florida's rainy season when the rain washes the fertilizer down through the soil into our aquafirs and rivers, then finally out into the ocean.

It would help a lot, if you live in Florida, not to use fertilizer until at least September 30th when our rainy season is supposed to be over. And when your parents do buy fertilizer, please tell them to check and see if it's at least 50% SLOW RELEASING fertilizer that will not be quick to wash away.

This is also a good idea in general, even if you don't live in Florida. It can affect everyone's water supply!

This was sent in by Nikki, a crew member of Kids Club Zilla