The Rally for the State Children's Healthcare Insurance Program Reform

This was an exciting day for us. This past Tuesday my friend, Syd and I wanted to make some noise and went down to the local office of our State Representative to ask him to support the State Children's Health Insurance Program (otherwise known as SCHIP) reform bill. We asked him to say "no" to Presidents Bush's Veto against the passing of the bill. We were very happy that he agreed to support us by saying "no" to the veto.

This is me and Syd, and little boy we met with a

Representative, who was sponsoring the rally.

The reform would allow more children to be a part of a state insurance program that would get them the medical help they might need. Each and every year insurance gets more and more expensive. A lot of families can't afford medical insurance for their children. When their kids are sick and need to go see a doctor, the parents can't afford to pay for the visit. So the kids don't get the help they need. And when it's really serious, their parents end up taking them to the hospital for care instead of a Doctor and that's where it gets really expensive. The bills pile up and everyone goes broke. It can get really bad.

I really hope President Bush changes his mind.