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Polar Bear News

Polar Bear Lost at Sea!

The US Minerals Management Service was conducting marine surveys for off shore drilling of the coast of Alaska and counted 9 polar bears that were swimming at least 60 miles out at sea.

2007 showed the lowest sea ice coverage in recorded history. Where are these bears going? What is happening to the ice?
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Watch live Polar Bears in Action!

This is really cool. You've got to check this one out. The San Diego Zoo has a web cam that shows the actual Polar Bear Habitiat at the Zoo. It's on all of the time and you can look in and see what the Polar Bears are doing. Click on the link below to see what I mean.

Polar Bear Plunge

Polar Bears and Dogs at Play

Check out this awesome video of these wild polar bears playing with these dogs in Alaska! Polar Bears and Dogs Playing Video!

What is the Artic National Wildlife Refuge?

If you have ever wanted to see the real frozen north, you may wish to take a trip to the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge!

Where do Polar Bears live??

Answers to that age old question.

Polar Bear Facts

Get to know the Ursus Maritimus. That's Latin for "Maritime Bear"...otherwise known as the Polar Bear. The Polar Bears are awesome and funny creatures. Click here to read more about this arctic creature. Polar Bear Facts

How does a Polar Bear and a Dog Become Friends?

This is a trick question...Right? Nope. It's a true. This was sent to me in an email that is circulating around the internet and I thought this was too awesome not to share with you. These are pictures taken by Norbert Rosing with commentary by Stuart Brown. Take a look and you'll be amazed! Polar Bear and Dog

Polar Bear Gets Arrested!

Check out this funny video.

The Polar Bear is Back!!

Polar Bears are one of my favorite animals. If I could take one home, I would!

It's important to me that we take care of these cute, white, fluffy bears! I was happy when they were added to the Endangered Species List. You can suport them and other wild life to the NRDC - The National Resource Defense Council. I've become a member through my mom and they send me information on everything that is happening with the polar bears!

National Resource Defense Council

What can you do to save the Polar Bear??

Click here for the Action Guide!