Obama Biden Campaign

I went to Senator Biden's Town Hall tonight to hear what he and Senator Obama are going to do about Global Warming. He talked about the importance of working with the Chinese Government in creating "Clean Coal". He said that even though it is not the final solution to clean air and it is not a renewable energy, "Clean Coal" is important to develop with the Chinese Government as a better alternative to "Dirty Coal"- something that they have a lot of and are using right now.

He told us about how before the 2008 Olympics were started, the Chinese government had stopped all of the people from driving their cars so the air in Beijing would have a chance to clear up. Senator Biden said that the whole world was watching and saw what will happen if we don't do something now to find renewable energy - like solar and wind.

Senator Biden said that it is the kids, like you and me, that will be the influence our parents and the adults around us need to change the way we do things. We are more than the future, we are the answer.

Here are some photos that I took this evening.

This is me talking with Senator Biden

I was very excited to get to meet Senator Biden. He is a really smart man who has been a Senator for the state of Delaware for over 26 years.

Along with Senator Biden, Christine Jennings was there. She has already committed to fight Global Warming in her campaign to be a Member of Congress from Florida's 13th District.
This is a photo I took of Ms. Jennings.

Here are some of the volunteers for the Obama/Biden campaign. They have been working really hard to make it a great evening and a successful campaign. They were so nice to me.

(I didn't get everyone's names. Email me so I can include your names with the photos! Sorry!)

This is the Press booth. I tried to stand with them, but then I found I couldn't get up close enough. So I just moved around the crowd.

I have more to add to this page, but it's late and I'm tired. I have school in the morning and my mom's yelling for me to get to bed. I will work on this page some more later. Thanks!