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Where does our trash come from?

Check out this cool video that shows how we get so much trash and what happens to it when we are finished using it.

Homeless Polar Bear is found in Poland

The homeless polar bear has been seen in Poland waiting outside the United Nations Climate Conference. We are wondering if anyone has understood his message.

Take a look for yourself!

Choctaw and Cherokee Horses Need Your Help!

Bryant Rickman and his wife have been stewards of this unique herd for many years and have looked out for their welfare as they roamed a large acreage in Oklahoma. Enter progress. The land on which they have lived for years has recently been sold to a timber company and their grazing permits have been terminated. Bryant, his wife and friends have been working feverishly to round up these horses because the company has begun spraying the area in preparation for cutting down the trees. Since there is no land left for them to forage, Bryant has gathered 200 of them on his small property and is feeding them out of his own pocket, If there is anything that you can do, such as: donations of supplies, feed, and/or money...or even offer some of these ponies a home...please contact them at the website.

Choctaw and Cherokee Horse Rescue

Mexican Walking Fish Near Extinction

Have you seen this guy before? No, it's not a character on Pokemon. Even though it looks like it could be. It's the Mexican Walking Fish. Or in the scientific world, it's the Axolotl salamander(Ambystoma mexicanum). This salamander is near extinction because of it's loss of habitat.

Vote for a Safe Climate

This is our second annual Aerial Art Project with Greenpeace. We have been working on this campaign for over a year. See what we did here.

Save the Arctic Refuge!

This is a very important petition to protect the Arctic Refuge in Alaska. Click on the picture and then add your name to the petition. We need to protest against the people who want to open up this protected land and sacrifice not only the land but the animals on it just so we can drill for more oil - a proven fact that it won't help us for another 15 years!

Please do what you can!

Are the Jelly Fish "Canaries in a Coal Mine"??

For scientists, Jelly Fish are becoming the "Canary in a Coal Mine" signaling that there is something wrong with our waters. Jelly Fish are popping up in large numbers all over the world in places that they are usually not found. Hundreds of people are getting stung and some even end up in the hospital. But it's not the sting that worries the scientist, it's the number of Jelly Fish itself that is the bigger problem. Read more about why they are to be feared. Jelly Fish

Photo of jelly fish by

Polar Bears Are Listed As "Threatened"

On May 15th, 2008,the Department of Interiors has listed the Polar Bear as "Threatened" under the Endangered Species Act. Some people might think that this is a good thing. But it's not. It does not protect the Polar Bear under the laws of the Endangered Species Act. It basically says that we are going to "watch" the Polar Bear and "keep and eye on them".

The real problem is that the listing is good for the oil companies. It makes it easier for them to go in and drill for the oil where the Polar Bears live. You can't drill there if you have to protect the Polar Bear.

Tell your parents to do something about it, like calling your congressman or the President. We can't leave the Polar Bear unprotected.
The Associated Press

The Loggerhead Turtles need HELP!

The Defenders of Wildlife need your help to protect the Loggerhead Turtles.

Click on the link above and read about how you can help these wonderful creatures. Loggerhead turtles were at an all time low last year and we want to do what we can to make their numbers rise. If you live in Florida or any other coastal community, you can become a volunteer and help protect the turtles when they come to shore. Or if you are from any other state you can adopt one of these awsome creatures. Find out more about how you can help!

The Bald Eagle is Back!

I was so happy when I read the title of this article. I hope you are as happy as I was.

Cecilia Click Here to read the article!

Submitted by Crew Members: Samuel and Cecilia - Georgia, U.S.A

Don't downlist the Florida Manatees!

Florida manatees are under great threat. Last year there were 416 manatee deaths in Florida—a record—with most due to watercraft.

Learn more about the manatees. Follow this link to the

Ocean Conservancy

What is your answer to "Paper or Plastic?"

Paper or Plastic?