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We would love to have you become a member of our Crew! It's a really fun place to hang out. And if you want to be able to submit things like videos or information on things that are important to you, then you need to become a member.

We have to types of members. First, it's the kids, ages 6-18. If you are a kid under the age of 14,then you need to have your parents permission to join. Just have them send an email to us giving you permission to join. It's that simple. Then you can receive regular updates on what is happening here at the club and you can submit your videos and information for posting!

Second - the next group of members can be those over 18 years of age. This group is made up of people who want to help the kids keep informed of all the things that make this world a better place. So if you fall into this category you can also sign up as an adult member and know that the information that you get and give is with us kids in mind.

Either way, we are glad you're here!

By the mom is the editor.

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