Make Some Noise!

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Sometimes you have to Make Some Noise! to be heard. These are ways that me and my friends try to make a difference!

If you get the chance to make some noise, let me know how you did. Send me an email telling me what you did and how it went. Then send me a picture with the email and I will post it here!

President Barack Obama

This was an amazing day. I volunteered at a rally during President Obama's campaign to become President of the United States and I was able to meet him in person. He shook my hand and talked about the environment and how he is going to help our planet. Score one for Global Warming!

Senator Barack Obama Up Close

Vice President Joe Biden!

I went to Vice PresidentBiden's Town Hall during his campaing to become Vice Presidnet of hte united States to hear about what he wants to do about Global Warming. In case you didn't know, he and Senator Obama are running for the President and Vice President of the United States. Read more about what I learned and what I saw at the Town Hall! Senator Biden's Town Hall

Green Peace

I'm in the middle of the picture with my camera at a very important event for Green Peace and Global Warming. I met a lot of really cool people and we wanted to let everyone know that "TIME IS RUNNING OUT!" We MUST stop Global Warming!!! Click here to see the video made by Green Peace and some pictures that my mom and I took of the event! Click Here!

Children's Health Care

This is me and my friend Syd at the Rally to support the State Children's Health Care Program (SCHIP) -

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Project Hot Seat

This is me and Joe Smyth, the organizer of the rally for the Project Hot Seat.

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