by Nathan

My mom was raised on a farm as a child, and has always had a huge love towards animals of all kinds.
I currently have two sisters and a brother, two German Shepherds and one cat. I am moving to a farm with my parents. They bought it last year, in November, of 2007.
My mom has raised us to respect all wild animals.
We will have chickens, goats, a pony and of course, my dogs & Cats, and whatever 4-H animals my sister, or brother have (cows, goats, pigs, chickens).
We have wild lions, and bears among other wild animals that live in Northern California, on our property. The lions are pretty brazen the way they stand in our driveway, between my mom and dads parked cars, and watch our pets. Mom says they are hungry. The bears come down with their cubs to eat our apples, cherries and berries. I love all animals, and respect their space the way my mom taught us to.
My mom tells us not to roam alone, and always make lots of noise to warn the wild animals so they can run and hide, and take the dogs just in case. That way both are safe, the wild animals, and us.
I do love elephants, bears, and lions, but most of all, I love leopards. The story about Christian brings tears to my moms eyes every time she watches it. She told me when she was a child she had to release a bobcat that had been her pet since he was very tiny. She told us when she ran into him he also remembered her. She said she will never forget the way he tried to rub himself on her so she wouldn't leave and jumped up and loved her very similar to Christian.
My mom also had a wild rat that her girlfriend Jennifer gave her. She named him Speedy Little Poncho, and she said she'd lost him when she took him to a creek. She would catch polly wogs in the creek and bring them home until they turned into frogs. Then she would release them back into the creek.
A couple of weeks later, my mom went down to the creek with a friend to catch more polly wogs, and her rat Speedy Little Poncho, came running out of the berry bushes, covered in pitch and little hands stained from eating berries for a couple of weeks. Speedy crawled right up my mom's leg to her shoulders. Her girlfriend Ingrid, from Indonesia was very frightened by it.
At that time my mom was 12 yrs old.
She also raised a bobcat that she found in her barn under hay bales. The Mother had been poisoned by a neighboring farmer for killing his chickens. Mom found the only surviving cub, and raised him as a pet My mom was eight years old. She said he was so gentle and he loved my mom's pet Siamese, but she would have nothing to do with him. Mom said she didn't think he knew he was a bobcat. My mom also raised a baby skunk she named Pepi La Pugh, which she never had descented. She said Pepi La Pugh never sprayed her and was very gentle, too. She also raised a Hawk (sparrow, or chicken hawk)who had broken a wing trying to learn to fly. My mom found him under their pecan tree, and she said he was adorable. He learned to love her right away, and when his wing healed he would fly for her and come back. Mom said, she tried to release him to the wild but he was having nothing to do with it, and he never left...
Recently, my uncles friend found a whole brood of baby wild pigs (boars), and they are really cute. The mother had been killed by a hunter. They were too small to survive on their own, and had to be bottle fed. I would love to own a wild pig (boar). They are so cute they follow me around where ever I go when I visit my uncle... Nathan

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Nov 18, 2008
by: Summer

Where I live here in South africa, there are plenty leopards and antelopes just behind our backyard! The leopards are shy though, so you won't see them often. Maybe you should come visit me one day and we might catch a glimse of your favourite animal!

Oct 08, 2008
Great Story
by: Quinn's Mom

Boy Nathan,

You are living a great life. I wish all children could have the same experiences that you and you Mom have!

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