Halloween Fun Photos of the Zilla Crew

Do you celebrate Halloween where you live? Some kids celebrate Halloween the traditional way where they get all dressed up as their favorite character and then go around house to house with their friends collecting candy.

My friends and I have been doing this for the past few years. We get together and go to a neighborhood that really celebrates the holiday by decorating with ghosts and skeletons and scary music. There was one house that it took my friends and I at least 10 minutes to walk up to the door. There was so much to see and the music was really scary. When we got to the door, the people that lived there opened it slowly to reveal that they were dressed up in really cool - but scary-costumes. They made you come over to them in order to get the candy. We would grab it and then run away screaming. It sounds terrible, but really fun. Just like you are going to a scary movie. but even then, my mom always made me go back and say "Thank You".