Greenpeace International Day of Action

This was a very big day for Greenpeace and everyone around the world who is doing what they can to stop Global Warming. It's December 6, 2008 - The International Day Of Action
Together, people from all over the world got together where they live to send out a message to our world leaders that we need to continue to make the environment a top priority.

Boston, Mass

This month, Greenpeace is in Poland participating at the United Nations Climate Change Conference where leaders of all nations and other organizations are preparing the next step in for the Kyoto Protocol.

Chicago, Ill.

The Kyoto Protocol is an plan that was made to reduce the carbon footprint of the world. It maps out how each nation, each person, can make changes in how we produce things in order to decrease carbon emissions.

These photos are important because they will be presented to the United Nations Climate Conference by Greenpeace to show how important this is to us!

San Francisco, Calif.

Here are other photos from our event.