Extinct Animals

Read about these animals that no longer roam the earth by clicking on the links of their name.

Caribbean Monk Seal is Extinct

The Caribbean Monk Seal was first discovered during the 2nd voyage of Christopher Columbus to America. And at one time there was a population of more than 250,000. Caribbean Monk Seals on this earth. But because the Monk Seal spends a lot of time on the land taking care of their pups and laying in the sun, they became an easy target for Predators (like people). Even though the last reported Caribbean Monk seal has not been seen since 1952, it was not listed as endangered until 1967.

Their cousins, the Hawaiian Monk Seal (pictured above)and the Mediterranean Monk Seal, are also headed in the same direction. The population of theses seals has been decreasing about 4% each year. The problem that they face are getting caught in marine debris (like fishing lines), climate change (Global Warming - the water is getting warmer) and coastal development (we are putting buildings right up to the water line and not protecting the environment).

The Barbary Lion

Barbary Lion

The White Handed Gibbons

White Handed Gibbons