Endangered Animals

Odin, the White Bengal Tiger

This is Odin. A rare white Bengal Tiger that has a very unique talent.

Take a look at these awesome pictures that a friend sent me in an email. Odin

Christian the Lion

Sometimes we must realize that even individual animals can be endangered. Whether it's a cat or a dog abandoned on the streets, Polar Bears loosing their habitat, or wild animals, like the orangtang and wild cockatoos captured for public sale, all of these animals need someone to put a hand out and help them. This the story of two men who stopped one day and decided to help a poor lion cub who was captured and up for sale in a department store. Living in a cramped cage, he was rescued and returned to his natural habitat. Check out this video and see this beautiful story of a "good thing" gone right. Christian The Lion Video

Photo of Lion Cub Credit: © Laurie L. Snidow | Dreamstime.com

In Trouble!

The Gray Wolf of Yellowstone

Thousands of gray wolves roamed the Rocky Mountains in the 1930s. In 1973, the gray wolf was listed on the Endangered Species Act because they had almost disappeared due to being killed off by farmers and hunters. Until recently the gray wolf was a great comeback story and was going strong under the protection of the law. Now they are in trouble again.

Photo credit:© Dmitrij | Dreamstime.com

The Gray Wolf of Yellowstone - Read about it here.

Almost Gone!

The Miami Blue Butterfly

This beautiful butterfly is almost gone. There are only 45 to 50 adults on record! Most of them live in Bahia Honda Key in Florida. Several years ago the Fish and Wildlife Service was petitioned to list the butterfly as Endangered, giving it the protection it deserves. So far, they have been ignored. Just one more species that we can do something about to protect and save, and still nothing has been done.

You can read more about this butterfly at

The Butterfly Conservation Initiative

The Leatherback Turtle

The Leatherback Turtle can weigh more than 1000 lbs and has roamed the oceans for hundreds of years. This beautiful Sea Creature is also on the Endangered Species List.

It takes a lot of hard work from a lot of caring people to make sure that these animals don't die off. We at Kids Club Zilla want to recognize the efforts of the Ocean Conservancy and the Seri Indians who live on the Sea of Cortez in Sonora, Mexico for all that they have done and keep on doing to help the Leatherback turtle. Click on the link to find out more:

Seri Indians: "A Circle of Thanks"

Photo of Leatherback Turtle Credit: © torsten kuenzlen | Dreamstime.com


As we know, frogs and water go hand in hand. But what we don't realize is how fragile a frogs life can be when the planet starts heating up. Between the ocean's temperature rising and the smaller amounts of rainfall each year, places like the rain forests are not able to provide the kind of climate that the frogs need to exist. We've already lost frogs, like the Golden Toad that hasn't been seen since 1989.

Here are some great pictures of the animals that we could risk losing in our life time if we don't aske our parents to do something about it.

Other Cool Animal Pictures