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Here are some cool web sites that I thought you might want to visit. These web sites help support us with information about the things we want to know or the ever-so-important service of sending us traffic. Either way, you should check them out and see what they are all about. And if you know of any other sites that should be on this list, let us know. We will check it out and if it fits, we add it too!


Learn more about the current state of tropical rainforests and rainforest animals, their conservation and how global warming is affecting rainforests and wildlife around the planet.

Cool Games This is a really cool website that gives you the chance to play a neat game and the points you win are "rice" and the "rice" that you win is actually donated to feed people "hungry people."

Global Warming/Climate Change...things we can do!

link to ebikes and scooters
Alternative and environmentally conscious means of transportation are the top subject of the world right now other than the economy. People are "going green" from their homes to their modes of transportation. If you are looking for Alternative Energy Resources, Ebikes-and-Scooters carries all makes and of models of Electric Motor Scooters, Electric bicycles, Electric Mopeds. Scooters are for big people now too, and some cost as little as $99.00. See what they Ebikes and Scooters offers. /

The Story of Stuff A good video that teaches us how what happens to the stuff we use, how it ends up, and how our choices affects our world.

NRDC- Green Squad This site is for kids who want to do whats good for the environment at their school. Take the challenge and play the game to find out how you can make a difference at your school

Ways to stop Global Warming Get the true facts about alternative energy, as well as detailed information on how to prevent global warming and start making your life a healthier place today.

Green Peace and Project Hot Seat At Project Hot Seat you can find a way to make a change in the fight against Global Warming. I've been working with them for quite a while and I find this site easy to get around and very informational about what's important.

Global Green House This web site has over 300 informative science-based pages on every aspect of climate change, the impacts and actions to reduce global warming.

Carbon Conscious Consumer

is a website that show videos of things that you can make out of recycled materials. This is what I found on the website's "about us" page:

Carbon Conscious Consumer (C3) is a national climate campaign sponsored by the Center for a New American Dream that challenges individuals to establish climate-friendly daily habits and inspire their friends to do the same. Participants who most creatively and effectively spread the word will win prizes.

Vacation Fun and Games

Fun Kids Travel Activities from Kid Friendly Family Vacations. Printable mazes, printable kakuro puzzles, printable fallen phrase puzzles, and cryptograms. You will also find a fun list of travel games that are appropriate for all ages. Travel with your kids, and have fun getting there!!!

- If you are thinking of a place for your parents to take you for your summer vacation, tell your parents to check out this site. They can find information of places to vacation in each state. It is a new site, and still in the process of gathering information. But it gives you the chance to talk about your favorite vactions and the fun you had there so others will want to go there too!

Clothing, Costumes, and Cool Things to be!

Your Couture Kid Where every kid is one of a kind!

Alibaba Costumes This is a great website for kids costumes that features Medieval Costumes, Renaissance Faires, also Party Supplies,Birthday Party Themes, and Party Decorations

Princess By

The Princess resource for Moms. Any girl can be a princess. She doesn't have to live in a castle or a palace. Princesses can live anywhere!