Cool Videos

Here are some Cool Videos that we like to watch. They show how people we know and don't know, doing something good for our world. Whether it's Global Warming, Energy, protecting the Animals, or just making us laugh, everyone here knows "It's a good day to do something good!"

Godzilla does the Hamster Dance!

A town at the bottom of the lake.

Embedded video from CNN Video

Check out this awesome story about a hotel at the bottom of a lake. It once was a placed where people lived and then the power company came in and flooded the valley. The hotel now rest 300 hundred feet below the surface. It's a story of how sometimes progress can cause heartbreak.

Earth Hour - We did it!

This past march, millions of people from around the world came together for one hour and turned off their lights...saving an incredible amount of electricity. Just one step towards saving our planet.

Watch the video to see what happened.

Earth Hour - March 28, 2009

This Brave Nation

This Brave Nation: Carl Pope (The Sierra Club) and Van Jones (Human Rights Activist)

Green Day

Green Day has teamed up with the NRDC to send out a message... Go to to do more.

The Funny Dancer