It's me Quinn.

What video games do you play? Do you have any favorites?? Are you willing to share them with everyone on my website?

As you can see on my web site, my game review is almost bare. And I need some help putting the page together. I am looking for Video Game reviews to post on my web site. If you have any that you would like to share, please send me a short paragraph about your favorite game, along with the name of the game and what system you play it on. You can tell me what you like about it and what makes it fun to play. You can even include some hints in how people can play a better game.

And then as soon as I get it, I will post it on the web. If you don't play video games, but know someone who does, you can pass this along to them. I would love all the help I can get.

Also, check out the "Make Some Noise" page. I have added a webcast of a Greenpeace Rally that I participated in protesting Global Warming this past Saturday. It's a cool video of a human hour glas filmed on the beach from a helocopter. If you look real close you might be able to see me. I'm a grain of sand!

Thanks for your help!