Exciting News!

It's me Quinn.

We are so excited! We just got the news that the Ocean Conservancy has added a link to our website on their website.

They took a look at our site and emailed us asking if they could post a link to the Manatee page. They next day, they emailed us back and said that their staff liked it so much that they put us at the top of their page.

This is big news for us, because we support their hard work and it's nice to know that they like what we are doing.

So check out the home page and see what we've added to the Manatee page.

You can also look around and see that we've added new stuff on the Jokes page and the Skateboarding page. And it's always good to take a look at the "News Room" to see what's been happening lately in the animal world.

Hope to see you soon!