The Jelly Fish Warning

The Jelly Fish is a sea creature that has mesmorized people for hundred of years. Found fascniating by some, but feared by most because of a very painful sting they give when contact is made. Depending upon your size and the amount of venom that is recieved, the sting of the Jelly Fish can even cause death. Just ask alot of fish in the sea.

But that is not why the Jelly Fish are in the news today. It's because they are showing up in record numbers in places that they have never been. Austrailia, Japan, New York and Hawaii have reported large numbers of Jelly Fish. Just recently 300 people were treated for Jelly Fish stings on the beaches of Barcelona Spain in just one week.

Besides the obvious problem, there's a bigger problem that we need to pay attention too. Why are there so many??

Well scientist are concerned because the number of Jelly Fish tells us that the oceans are getting sick. The natural preditor of the Jelly Fish are Tuna, Shark, and Swordfish. But with the oversfishing of these predators, the Jelly Fish is able to survive in greater numbers.

It's also due to the warming of the seas caused by Global Warming. Warmer waters that kill off the coral reefs provide a perfect atmosphere for the Jelly Fish.

Just like the "Canary in the Coal Mine" who warns coal miners of the dangerous gases that cause death, the Jelly Fish is sending out a warning that we are kiling our oceans and we need to do something fast.

If we don't, we won't be able to swim in the ocean and live off of what it provides. Now that's a really big sting that no ones wants to recieve!