Welcome to Kids Club Zilla!

Hi Everyone!

My name is Quinn and we are so glad you are here! Kids Club Zilla is our online club where my friends and I have a place to get together, play games, learn about what's going on in the world. This year, more than ever, really important things are going on with the environment and the animals of our planet.

For quite some time now, the animals that we love (like the Polar Bears) have been in danger of becoming extinct. Other unfortunate animals that didn't get the help they needed are now gone from our planet (like the Monk Seal).

With the help of our new President of the United States, President Obama, and other great leaders of our world, we are realizing that we need to do something fast. We can do something to help.

It is our mission to keep you informed of the latest news about the environment and the world of animals. We will also let you know how you can help. Take a look around this website and keep coming back. Any way that you can be a part of our mission is really cool.

We are really glad you are here!

Check us out!